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limited edition bs

So. Whatcha guys think of that Limited Edition Bawls Bottle? I know I may be posting this a bit late, but I just remembered it.

Yanno, the one with the 2 spots of paint against the Bawls logo. I think it looks stupid and ugly. First of all, the colours are orange and yellow - wtf. Can't they at least be red and black or something? I don't know, I just find it stupid. It makes it harder to read the "bawls" logo. It just looks stupid and I still don't get why they did it.

If they wanted to sponsor that national paintball thingy or whatever they should have put the spots AROUND the bottle not on the logo.

Sorry, this is me ranting about something that's really not that important :)

It's too bad though, I sorta wanted to see the bottle in person but I haven't... has anyone seen it iRL?

And I like how the genius creators of bawls say:
Note: Paint is not an ingredient in BAWLS Guarana.
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