Q&A (call_me_kei) wrote in bawls_guarana,

So the only place I know to get Bawls is at this gaming center in a town that's a two and a half mile drive away. I used to live in that town, and the owners of this center are my best friend's parents and all.

Anyway, apparently they have to drive some long way into Texas to get the Bawls, so when I was working there they'd charge like, $2 per bottle.

Today I went back to visit for awhile, and I bought three bottles from them to take home and "share" (and by "share" I mean "maybe let someone else sniff"). But this time they charged me three bucks a piece! Since this was the only opportunity I had to get the stuff, I paid almost ten quid, but now I feel like I just got it up the arse. What do you think?

(Oh yeah, and I've decided to save the bottles for a late night post-paintballing party this weekend. Good times.)
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