It depends on the pants of... DOOM! (wildchild955) wrote in bawls_guarana,
It depends on the pants of... DOOM!

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I hope! I hope! I hope!

Hey everyone!,
it's me again!. Awhile ago I had my VERY first sip of the lovely Bawls. Might I add the best thing in the whole fucking universe?.... besides Coca Cola... but anyhoo... the strangest thing... is when I drank the whole entire Bawls of loveliness... I fell asleep in an hour O.o. I guess I'm just to much used to the caffiene or something. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a Publix around here in Alabama and I HOPEHOPEHOPEHOPE they have Bawls! If they don't then I can always wait and go to CompUSA... I hope they have BAWLS!. I'd say 'pray for me' but I'm not big into the whole religion craptastic issue so hope for me guys! If they do!, Ill buy lotsandlots of BOTTLES OF THEE ALMIGHTY BAWLS!
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