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I've been watching this community for some time...
Seeing how I was 'introduced' to Bawls back in '04 at a convention
called Anime Festival of Orlando or yeah AFO for short, but anyhoo...
I wasn't 'REALLY' introduced to the drink as in actually opening a bottle
and having a sip. But I heard so much about it, and I would've bought a case...
but to those who've been to a convention... you'd understand money is gone within' a day

Plus the hotel heard or saw it around and I think banned or just disliked seeing the drink around
so much that they threatened to not let the convention be held there any longer if they continued seeing people drinking it. So since then, I've been wanting to try some... VERY badly... but just could never find it after that... Believe me... it was pure hell. I wanted some Bawls badly... I even called up places and visited places asking "Do you have some Bawls?." or "Do you carry Bawls?." I'd either get rude answers, hung up on, or just laughed at and told 'No' and all that.
I was soon.. drivin' up to Alabama... and uhm... still no Bawls! *sadface*
But sadly, I didn't have the money.

Now I was takin' back to Florida for the Holidays... and I guess... my sister caught me calling up a place and asking if they had Bawls and sadly they didn't ;.;. She was nice enough to offer to get me some OH SO WONDERFUL Bawls!. YAY! and she did.
6 bottles of it to be exact!

Now I have questions XD, how many have any of you drank?.
As in a day?, i'm mostly a Coca Cola drinker... but I'm waiting till tomorrow to probably have just one Bawls tomorrow. I want to savour the drink O.o... and also my sister was like "OMG! be careful, don't drink them all at once... because you could end up in the hospital." Yadda Yadda Yadda!.
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