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Bawls mixing

Bawls mixing is some really fun shit. Here's what I've added it to and how it came out.

Mochas. It's pretty damn good. It really adds this strange flavor. Try it with like a 16 ounce, 2 shot mocha. You don't want something strong enough that it'll just overpower the Bawls.

Mountain Dew. This is so fucking good. Trust me. It's just awesome. We named it Mountain Bawls.

Now this one is great.. You go into a coffee shop that sells Italian sodas and you order a Kiwi Italian soda with mountain dew instead of bubbling water (the normal stuff they put in for italian sodas). They might look at you a little funny, but who doesn't look at us bawls junkies funny? Anyways, you order the kiwi italian soda then add Bawls to that. You have Kiwi flavoring, Mountain Dew and Bawls. That stuff is fucking amazing. It's radioactive green.

Also just try the Kiwi italian soda with mountain dew. No Bawls, but it's still damn good.

Anybody added it to things I haven't tried?
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