Chelsea Bawls (thoughtsof_you) wrote in bawls_guarana,
Chelsea Bawls

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hmm how i love bawls..

tomorrow im going to a dance club called clutch cargos to see battle of the bands and my friend bianca and I want to get energy drinks before we go, but we live in michigan so we cannot get bawls :( and that totally sucks. so we may get a case of monster haha and maybe red bull. :):) maybe maybe maybe

My Favorite Drinks:
1. Bawls
2. Monster
3. Red Bull

Oh and p.s. if any of you like star wars, you should go see epsiode III because it is so AWESOME. I got tickets in advanced, so good luck with that :)
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YES! you rock cause you're listening to hawthorne heights. yay.
i never heard about them but lol bawls = best
Heh, I had some Bawls before the midnight screening, to make sure I was up for it.

Needless to say, I was fueled by bawls to see Revenge of the Sith... mwhaha :D
ahh thats saweet. haha! lucky.
Hawthorne Heights, nice. Good good movie.

And I'm amused how you posted twice in two communities i'm in and they were right next to each other. Nice.
yeah this community and mychemicalromance are like my favorites. Warped Tour is okay, and theused yelled at me for asking i guess what they call a stupid question?! stupid bitches

but thanks! :)

I love hawthorne heights